Fire Alarm

We at Top Vision care about your safety. Through our experience in fire alarm systems, we offer you intelligent products and solutions designed to allow you to rest assured that your life will not only be protected, but will provide the speed and effectiveness of the fire alarm system. From intelligent fire detection to advanced voice evacuation, we offer a safe and future investment for all kinds of places

Surveillance Systems

The importance of surveillance cameras to secure individuals and property and to ensure the safety of buildings and buildings from home and abroad and in the diversity of brands and prices We offer all solutions suitable for large and medium enterprises and also small

Clock System

Because of the use of central clocks in vital areas such as airports - banks - hospitals - sports stadiums - train stations we offer all kinds of watches in all sizes according to the needs of the project

Nurse Call

The system for calling nursing staff reports on patients' requests for assistance in hospitals, treatment centers and homes for the elderly through audio and visual alert

Sound Systems

We at Top Vision specialize in internal Public Address systems & audio systems for meeting halls. We design the components of the system to meet the requirements of our clients

Data Network

Information networks are the strengths of any organization for the speed of data circulation and security, but are used in all systems such as surveillance cameras, telephones, central shower and all other systems

Access Control

We are working in cooperation with major international companies specialized in this field to provide the latest technology.

Queuing system

Goodbye to waiting queues with customer call systems because of the organization of dealing with customers and reducing the pressure on employees in institutions

MATV System

We specialize in MATV systems and work with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver projects with the highest quality